The Art of Packing Light

When I found out last January about the award, I decided that I was going to “travel light”…shed the stuff and live simply. I did not need all this stuff.  If it didn’t have multiple uses or “spoke to me” then I had no use to take it to Porto.   I’m a carry-on type of traveler and for the most of this period,  I’ve followed this approach.  But in the past month I’ve started frantically tossing everything that I could possibly want or need into the corner because it was saying “take me, take me“.  I shipped a box of books over earlier this month as well.  Yes, books that I could view on the internet.   What you can’t see because it is under the beach towel (strategically placed for cat sitting) is a massive suitcase stuffed with all kinds of things.  It is a cat magnet as you can see Maggie lurking and hoping to be included.  I guess next week I have to regain my zen-like approach.  Any advice on how to include two cats in the suitcases appreciated.IMG_0035

4 thoughts on “The Art of Packing Light”

    1. Much to their disappointment they did not make the cut. Mr. Chips was particularly disappointed because he had done some internet research and discovered that Grilled sardines were a Português delicacy.


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