The final post: In 2018, make beautiful mistakes

This week I posted my official blog article for the Fulbright Foundation on what I learned in my Fulbright semester in Portugal. This seems to be a good juncture to end the “Porto listening blog”. However I would be remiss if I did not share some of the less “formal” but equally important things that I learned about myself during my time in Porto.

(1). I should never seek employment as a locksmith or safe cracker. I spent a lot of time staring at doors trying to open them

(2) Even if I take the wrong tram, metro or train, I can find my way home (3). Planes being cancelled can lead to new friendships and generosity of spirit (thanks Johanna and Mady for helping me get to the Alps and educating me about Ed Sheeran )

(4). Student of all nationalities like long coffee breaks, candy in class and early dismissal

(5). I can eat pigs ears and cabbage. (6). I CAN rock a “swing out sister” haircut

(7). Picking olives is a lot harder than it looks

But my biggest lesson learned is that I have to take chances and make mistakes.

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