EASSW Conference Materials

Teaching Research Methods:
How to make it meaningful for social work students Mary E. Rauktis, Ph.D. & Catherine G. Greeno Ph.D.;

EASSW  Conference 2019 June 4th to June 7th 2019,  Madrid

Although this blog is about Porto, in this post, it is about Madrid and our conference at the European Association of Social Workers.  Two Americans, Katie and Mary decided to co-present on teaching research to social workers and drink good wine and eat tapas.  As promised you can find the materials that we referenced in our talk here.  Also, please feel free to contact us for additional teaching materials, or if you want to talk about teaching research!

Mary E Rauktis Mar104@pitt.edu

Katie Greeno kgreeno@pitt.edu

Design-A-Rama documents (instructions and topics)




rsh_fds_syllabus 2019_11.23.18

Presentation powerpoint

research education 4.25.19

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